Why Was The Kid Not In School? Campfield Withdraws The Bill

I have previously blogged about my difference of opinion with the welfare dollars for student grades bill that Senator Stacey Campfield introduced this year. I still oppose the bill.

He withdrew the bill today. But not before some government assistance recipients, their children and some liberal types staged a freak show by following the Senator through legislative plaza.

The Senator answered the little home school girls questions and responded to the adults by saying that using children for props was shameful. You can hear, a man yelling encouragement to the two females to give him —-.

The bill is gone, Campfield got a conversation about entitlements, the entitlement receivers have their checks without accountability. Hopefully, instead of taking their kids to the capitol and following a legislator around causing another freak show, they will chose to have a parent / teacher conference at their child’s school or spend more time at home, teaching their home school child reading, writing, srthimatic and some reasoning skills.

You can read the Tennessean story and watch the 2 minute video here.

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