Have You Booked Your Reappraisal Appeal Yet?

You should have received your reassessment notice from the Knox County Property Assessor. I am hearing about a lot of irregular, inflated appraisals.

Now, the word is that if you haven’t called and scheduled your appeal. You likely will not get a personal appointment. Cedar Bluff and New Harvest have booked all their spots and are not taking anymore. The Property Assessor does not want appointments in the second floor office of the City County Building. He wants appeals done over the phone, that is not government of and for the people.

It is your government, he is supposed to work for you. My suggestion is to go downtown and go to his office and ask for a meeting with the Property Assessor that YOU elected.

Stay tuned, More details to come.

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    The reason the butter and egg man refuses appointments on the second floor is simple people, even a dumb–s knows he has done wrong. He fumbled thru the last assessment and blamed it on John, now with that under his belt, this idiot has no one to blame but himself. He would appraise a sh-t house as a porcelain throne if he knew he could get away with it for more money. The truth folks is you pay this moron for a job he is honestly unable to perform, kind of like generic Viagra. There is no way in billy-hell the property in Knoxville increased and Nashville decreased. Call and ask for this idiot and DO NOT give up until he returns your call or you are put thru to him. Bypass the alter boy Craig and the hateful prune Linda, and simply hand up and call back if you get Jim on the line. There are very competent people in this office but you will not get them on the phone, they are too busy trying to correct this screw up. Madeline and Tim its time to come down off the sixth floor and put on waders for the crock of bull-hit this office has done this time. One particular piece was over assessed $750,000 and all this idiot said was oops. How many others are in the oops? Appraisals are just like ass’s everyone has one but if you don’t look back and check on it you may just have a bad case of the red-ss, and it’s too late then. With all the politicians children in this office as employees, no one has a fair assessment. It’s just not possible. Look at the assessments of the political donors in this past campaign, you can bet they are reaping a huge reward for their contribution to his campaign. No one will pull those and compare I am sure but at least I know it is true. I’ve done my homework. When these county commissioners are seeking reelection in other offices the next generation of screw ups is yet to come. Higher assessments equal more money to this bankrupt county, there will not be an increase this year, but read my words next year…. There will be a rate increase, with the higher assessment and an increase it will just line the pockets of the worst county in this state. I am ashamed to tell people where I live, that’s sad at my age, the black Wednesday crowd is hard a work for the next countywide screw, but if you sit back and do nothing it’s your money. The poor outweigh the wealthy in this county, but the poor don’t vote and the wealthy do. The political playhouse is too much like a whorehouse, you can polish up trash all you want, it’s still trash, just smells sweeter. Elmer says take out the trash once and for all. For those who can’t reach the butter and egg man at work, call him at home, with enough calls we can get the message across , redo what has been done correct, licking the cow twice might take a little more time but at least it’s done right.