Contrast and Compare Pilot Flying J Coverage

Here is today’s story from the Chattanooga Times Free Press where they follow Governor Bill Haslam to Washington. It exposes that the Governor had not considered how to answer the question about the FBI raid and investigation. The other part of the story quotes a political expert and the TN Democrat Chair about potential political fall out from the controversy.

Then here is today’s story in the product produced by the Big Metal Shed on the Hill. It is a story seeking to name the informant. Except, instead of using the term informant, they refer to them as “a mole”. That certainly suggest a slanted or tainted bias. Instead of mole, the informant may be considered “whistleblower”.

After reading the 120 page warrant affidavit. It is fairly clear from the FBI’s stand point that a former employee “CHS-1” was approached by them. They then confronted CHS-2 and he agreed to comply. Certainly, when confronted by FBI agents, who knows what any of our reactions would be.

None of us have heard the explanation of Pilot Flying J yet. Let’s withhold judgment and name calling like “mole” and trying to out the identity of a “Confidential Human Source” until everyone has had a chance to give their version.

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1 Response

  1. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    The KNS, primarily their editor and publisher, have held the Pilot Corporation and their ownership up as shining beacons for all of us to kneel down to and worship as the KNS does. The KNS has long forgotten its objectivity regarding Pilot or its principle ownership, traditionally turning a blind eye to rank influence pending, over reaching control, and unbridled support for incompetent politicians and other unemployable wonks who have carried the Haslam message time and time again. The KNS had toted water, influence, and the message for the Haslam family for years and most of the PR spin shops have some Pilot/Haslam money percolating through their coffers such that there is virtually no objectivity in this community when it comes to Pilot Corp. or their owners. Knox County’s biggest baffoon, Mike Edwards, is routinely quoted as saying Jimmy Haslam has been the greatest influence on him in his “career” (what does this clown really do for this community?)

    KNS is backpeddling very hard and very fast as they are on the wrong side of this story, they’ve been on the wrong side of most Burchette stories (how much did she get out of that divorce?), they routinely are pointed in certain directions by their largest newspaper purchaser and it all ends up on their face, time and time again.