Shock And Awe Did It Again! Beat the Full Time Main Stream Media

A week ago yesterday we posted this about who the NEW Chief of Security for Knox County Schools would be. Today Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr. announced that Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigations for KPD Gus Paidousis is the Schools Chief of Security. He will begin his duties sometime around May 20, 2013.


This afternoon, several media individuals were on a conference call with Chief Paidousis. He is attending a National Amber Alert Conference. Shock And Awe participated in the call. I asked if he had any ideas for realigning the leadership of the department and would Interim Chief Rodney Beverly return to Assistant Chief. Paidousis said that he would examine everyone’s efficiency and competence. He spoke highly of Beverly. He did say that he did not believe that he has a say it whether Beverly stays or not.

In addition, I asked how Chief Rausch (KPD Chief) took the news of his retirement and departure from KPD. He said well he acted upset. Paidousis said that there are many good people at KPD and spoke highly of Rausch and their longtime professional association and friendship.

In addition, to examining the School Security departments people talent. He must also begin the process of hire and train 58 new officers. He said that he will begin directing the review of all safety plans. After implementation of the plans then it is practice, practice, practice.

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2 Responses

  1. DB says:

    For what it’s worth, Steve Griffen left KPD for the Schools job, too. Hope Paidousis turns out better than the last former KPD guy.

  2. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    Congrats, however, if you look at the baffoonery which engulfs our full time local “mainstream” media, we’d be concerned if you didn’t scoop/beat/out perform the local rag and the TV hens at Channel 6, 8, and 10. Our local media thrives on sitting around, rewriting press releases from their former co-workers that now work for local government and being media celebrities in a media training ground market.

    Local media, unfortunately, has no sources inside the various local government departments, doesn’t know anybody beyond the city and the county mayor, marginally familiar with the city council and the county commission, but beyond that, they’ll need directions once they get inside the city county building, get on Alcoa Highway going toward Maryville or on Highway 66 looking for something in Sevier County.

    The lead story over the weekend was the Knox County Sheriff Department’s “bad dog” map and the fact that the Tennessee baseball games with Georgia had been rained out. Yesterday’s lead stories were the fact that it had rained all weekend and was probably going to rain next weekend as well.

    Gannet and Scripps actually have staffs and operations in Knoxville that are paid to report these breaking news stories? All about the rain? Seriously?