Are You With The Cool Kids or Not?

It seems that the full page ad of business people standing with and thanking the Haslam Family for all they have done has excluded some folks and they ain’t to happy, happy, happy about it.

Evidently, Cynthia Moxley of Moxley Carmichael put the list together. It seems according to sources that were in the ad, that Moxley sent an email that said that Randy Massey was buying an ad and would you like to include your name or company name at no charge to you.

Well, Public Relation powerhouses SRW & Associates (which is led by Former TN Republican Party Chair and major GOP Fundraiser Susan Richardson Williams) and Ackermann PR (led by Cathy Ackermann) were not included and none of their clients.

Evidently, Moxley thinks she is the chief spin artist. It seems that Tom Ingram needs to explain, if we got friends we need them all not just the ones that may or may not be on your office party invite list.

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1 Response

  1. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    All of the spin shops go into hyper flummox when Pilot does anything and they are not involved. I’m sure Susan Williams gets bent out of shape when any comment is published about the doings at Pilot and she doesn’t have a clue as to what is happening.

    A nubmer of other prominent Knoxvillians were noticeably absent from the “We Love the Haslams” full pager in the daily rag, notably Sam and Anne Furrow, but heck, these things happen when you’re pitching a love fest on newsprint in 12 point type.

    There was a dearth of representatives on the love letter from people entwined with the University of Tennessee, perhaps they remember all too well, these are the folks that brought us U.T. President’s Lamar Alexander, J. Wade Gilley, John “Fly Me to Birmingham” Shoemaker, some guy from UConn and his always happy wife, and whoever is the University of Tennessee president now. Same folks that blocked the downtown baseball stadium in favor of an overpriced and underutilized Knoxville Convention Center, only to purchase the Smokies and the stadium in Sevierville 4 years later, same folks that put Mike Edwards in charge of economic development and relocating/recruiting businesses and industry (i.e. Jobs) to Knoxville, while Chattanooga, on half the budget, with a third of the people, and virtually no shuck, jive, excuses, or complaints about the public school system, drove 2000 times the investment and 200 times the number of jobs right into Hamilton County compared to what the man with a mouth full of rocks could generate.

    Perhaps Knoxville and Knox County might be better off without heavy hands on ideas, activity, and people who are bad, really, really bad for Knoxville and Knox County.