Senator Niceley, Really Dude?

This story posted tonight on website of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill and probably appear in tomorrows print edition.

A recent poll revealed that 93% of Tennesseans oppose Niceley’s move to allow the legislature to select the party nominees for U.S.Senate. County Commissioner Brad Anders convinced me recently how hypocritical this proposal is. At a recent Karns Republican Club, Anders was addressing his position on Elected or Appointed School Superintendents and partisan and non partisan elections. On elected Superintendent he said, Sen. Niceley wants to elect the Superintendent (because Niceley proposed the legislation. But he wants to take away my vote for U.S. Senator in the Republican Primary. It rendered the ones supporting elected Superintendent speechless. You can not argue with that logic.

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1 Response

  1. The Shadow says:

    It’s at the least a show of direspect to Republican primary voters. At worst, a power grab and shows Nicely’s true intentions. I would not trust him, if he was my “representative,” and I would vote to replace him next election. He’s supposed to serve his constituents, not expecting his constituents to serve his ideology of the GOP. His ideas are sickening in many ways to those of us who love democracy.