While Rogero Gives Away Bus Shelters to UT and a KAT Competitor, Mayor Dean of Nashville Commits More than Rhetoric To Public Transportation

Over a week ago, we posted this story.

Last night, Knoxville Mayor Rogero thumbed Pastor Harold Middlebrook in the eye as she joined with KAT Administration in giving UT ten bus shelters until they and their competitor replace them. No timeline was given. Which could be interpreted to mean they will NEVER be replaced. While many Knoxville residents will be exposed to the weather, because there are many stops within the city without any shelter.

On the Tennessean website today, this story details that Mayor Karl Dean of Nashville is investing $7.5 million in a light rail type, rapid public transportation connecting the heart of Nashville.

While millions were invested in Knoxville for a KAT transfer station. The result achieved is losing the transportation contract on the UT campus in excess of $15 million over 5 years. Now, they are giving their competitor from Alabama ten bus shelters.

Have you seen this news that Chattanooga is out growing Knoxville.

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