Good Move Pilot Flying J

This story in today’s Big Metal Shed on the Hill is the approach that I believe Pilot Flying J should have been using since the raid by the FBI. Silence is best used in times like these, in my humble opinion.

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2 Responses

  1. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Moxley and Ingram spin and lobby shops are ill equipped to deal with these types of criminal investigations and other crisis modalities needed when the U.S. Marshalls roll into your office, guns drawn, kevlar in place, with the assistance and backup from the FBI and KPD. They are in the deep end way too soon and while the local Knocksville minions and the political process is very spinnable and malleable with the aura and spectre of an endless supply of money; hours and hours of recordings, federal prosecutors, and a currently hostile federal government are not so easily persuaded. In my opinion, Moxley and Ingram’s tried and true bag of tricks for the Haslam empire and all thing Pilot Oil isn’t working very well, isn’t giving anybody a “candidly” good feeling about what is coming down the pike, and is potentially doing more damage to the potential juror pool in East Tennessee than it is helping along the way. Targets of federal investigations like a cool and calm body of water to extinguish that sting and heat in, but Moxley and Ingram have created a boiling and churning cesspool of doubt, mixed signals, inconsistent reality, and downright distrust at every juncture in the process.

    The Pilot cold beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and overpriced candy, coffee, and groceries Empire will survive (the take EBT now) but the tawdry and crass nature of this longstanding Knoxville business is beginning to emerge. Pilot Oil is not a world class team of geologists, drillers, riggers, and awe shucks charismatic petroleum explorers from West Texas like the spinners and shakers would like for you to conjure up in your mind, they are, in my opinion, a bunch of skin flints, shysters, hucksters, chisellers, clutter space retail experts from Hickville, East BumbleF*@! Tennessee, looking for any way to turn a buck, jack a discount, or lift that green on a customer who happens their way or wanders into one of their InterState Emporiums.

    Just because you stole it and gave it to a bunch of local charities doesn’t make it any less of a theft, and just because your political influence benefitted a bunch of local hicks, rubes, and cornballs, giving them jobs, perks, benefits, suits, and salaries they never would have had but for the influence on government/quasi government doesn’t make you any less a thief.

    Hate if for the little people, “little people like you Carl”, out on Lonas Road that trusted their managers and senior executives all the way to a guilty plea for a federal crime, but as Beretta always taught us, don’t skim a dime if you can’t do the time.

  2. The Shadow says:

    Politically, the governor will become more liberal. He’ll need all the friends he can get, and small GOP business people will trust Haslam even less after this scandal, so if he’s not primaried. In order to win the general without the common voters and independents, who really don’t like this scandal.