Was Anyone Thinking at the School Board Meeting Last Night?

According to this article from Lydia McCoy over at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill causes me to wonder, was anyone on the School Board even thinking last night?

1. All the gnashing of teeth about school security and the expenditure of installing all these buzz in systems. But members Doug Harris and Indya Kincannon want to open school on Election Day. Oh yeah, that is brilliant, just throw the door open to anyone and everyone that has a voter ID card or not. Gives an evil person that desires to do harm an open invitation. In addition, how about those individuals that are either on or supposed to be on the sex offender registry? Yeah, lets give them a reason to enter our schools.

2. The excuse that let’s just look at schools that have large amounts of voters and look for an alternate site. Ok, we are talking about Rocky Hill Elementary, Sequoyah Elementary, Bluegrass Elementary, Lotts Elementary, Farragut Middle & Intermeidate Schools, Farragut High, Karns Middle, Hardin Valley Elementary, Powell High, Brickey McCloud Elementary, Halls High, Gibbs Elementary, Ritta Elementary, South Doyle High. Yep, all the county suburban schools where a majority of the county schools population lives. Probably a punishment for “urban sprawl”.

3. What happened to “Save Our Summers”? I thought the community activist parent group went to Nashville and got legislation passed that required a later start? Starting school on Friday August 8, 2014, is not saving our summer. Then the absurdity of a two day fall break on Monday and Tuesday instead of a Thursday and Friday? Yeah, you know everyone goes on a short vacation, Saturday through Thuesday? NOT! The fall break, if you believe in a 2 day break (which for the record, I don’t) should be on Thursday and Friday.

4. The absurdity that the school board had to be told by the law department attorney that they could not direct the Election Commission where to locate election locations. Do these people think they are dictators of all?

These are my initial reactions to the absurdity that occurred on the school calendar last night. As a native citizen of the United States thinking I am a Member of Congress, I ask that I be able reserve my ability to revise and extend my comments later.

Keep Calm, Play Nice and Love Everybody!

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2 Responses

  1. The Shadow says:

    This is the dumbest, most incompetent school board ever. Their foot dragging on security, their unwillingness to confront Central Office staff, and do what THE PEOPLE want, is going to result in another disaster next year. By that time, the people won’t just want them thrown out of office; they’ll want them tarred and feathered.

  2. Robyn Norman says:

    Hi, nice article. I really like it!