Ingram needs to teach the next generation (ME) how this is done

According to this story today from Nashville’s WKRN Tom Ingram will go on the Governor Bill Haslam campaign payroll. Ingram longtime advisor and former Chief of Staff to now Senator Lamar Alexander. He has served as advisor to Senator Bob Corker and as advisor to Governor Haslam’s brother Jimmy at Pilot Flying J. He was an advisor to Governor Haslam during the 2010 Gubernatorial election. Since Governor Haslam has taken office he has been a personal advisor to Governor Haslam. His salary paid for out of the Governor’s personal funds. as well as having some alleged lobbying interest and activity.

Not to get personal. But Mr. Ingram really needs to think about the next generation and preparing someone to fill his shoes. I am available, Mr. Ingram!

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3 Responses

  1. The Shadow says:

    The governor has problems that the old Ingram touch may not be able to fix. Lamar! and Corker never had this level of problems.

    Dead kids at DCS. Pissed off teachers. FBI and IRS armed agents at your family’s business. That’s a whole lot of bad mojo.

  2. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    Hiring a new COO for the State of Tennessee, essentially a waste of $165,000 plus perks, plus benefits of taxpayer money.

    No expansion of Medicaid/TennCare rolls, dilapidated state facilities, offices, and assets.

    Sweetheart deal for a building owned by Sam Furrow, whose wife owes Big Jim Haslam $1,000,000 on the Nantucket property, which was recently subordinated to a $2.7 million loan from Home Federal.

    In my opinion, you talk to the people who really know Tom Ingram, he’s really not the kind of person you’d want to run around with and certainly not the kid of person you’d hire for anything.

    If you look at his history, he’s still traveling on a bunch of old tried and trusted friendships from Lamar, Halsam, and Howard Baker, anybody he’s working with now, has connections business and political dealings that flow back to Lamar Alexander, the Haslam family , or what’s left of the old Howard Baker political network.

  3. The Shadow says:

    “Hiring a new COO for the State of Tennessee, essentially a waste of $165,000 plus perks, plus benefits of taxpayer money.”

    Isn’t Haslam supposed to be the COO? Looks like he’s just lining up buffers or scapegoats for what may happen.