Now We Know Who Was Responsible For the Campfield Calls

Today’s front page story on the Knoxville News Sentinel reveal that Ben Farmer of Cyragon, LLC was the instigator of the State Senator Stacey Campfield robo calls. Farmer is the only financially disclosed recipient of Campfield’s only announced primary opponent. The disclosure shows around $7,000 in payments to Cyragon. Farmer’s firm has been the entity contracted to do the weekly poll for a weekly throw away paper. Here and here are stories from June 3 and 9, 2012 that reveal the connection of Farmer and the weekly throw away paper.

In addition, Farmer is a close confidant and associate of the current Knox County Republican Party Chair. He and members of his immediate family are at the office on a regular basis, answering phone calls and assisting when people visit the office.

According to today’s story, Farmer disclosed it was his poll “during a lengthy interview with the TBI” apparently at his Attorney’s office. The Attorney alleges that it was a glitch in the computer equipment Farmer was using. Why didn’t Farmer step up at the time and say “oops my bad”? Instead Farmer and Cyragon didn’t accept responsibility until the TBI began an investigation and requested a meeting with Farmer that details emerged.

How this turns out for Cyragon and Farmer is yet to be determined.

Farmer has done extensive campaign work for Knox County General Sessions Judge Andrew Jackson IV, Failed City of Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Ivan Harmon, County Commissioner Jeff Ownby and several others.

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