Knox County Commissioners Cost Us TaxPayers $47,000 in an Excess Payment

On Monday when Rick Briggs enriched the son of his campaign treasurer and when he joined with a couple of Black Wednesday Commissioner and a Commissioner that has plead Guilty to a crime of moral turpitude.

They have cost the county $47,000. The bond for the Knox County Trustee was $8,000 and sources close to the Trustees Office indicate that Leuthold’s bond is $55,000. Knox County Finance Director Casual Chris Caldwell said that the bonding companies said that if Commission appointed a reasonable person he would get bonded. Clearly the companies looked into Leuthold’s background and he is only deemed reasonable for an additional $47,000 in OUR money.

Each of the six Commissioners (the ones that voted for Leuthold) should have to contribute $7,833 of their discretionary dollars (our taxpayer dollars that they use to distribute to organizations to facilitate their reelection) to pay for the Leuthold loophole $47,000

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2 Responses

  1. elmer henderlight says:

    $47,000 compared to $8000 seems as plain as a goats ass the professionals ( the bonding company) knew this is going to be a disaster, but the alter idiots will not let money stand in the way of a deal. Get these people off of commission they are a disgrace and a total waste of our tax dollars. The election is coming and oh brother is their going to be an upset to the apple cart. A few years ago just after the Black Wednesday disaster everyone and their brother and Aunt Tilly came out to run for office. This will be a repeat. I just do not see any of these glorified morons getting elected again. Go home! Do something constructive, use some physical energy to drain the duck pond with a spoon, at least we could see the efforts rather than the empty campaign promises which were never to be fulfilled. The painted up gal running next time, listen close your one of the same few cut from the same cloth, DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME! This town doesn’t want you either. Mammy don’t you know your baby… Yes child but you have egg upon your face. Follow a bit of advise commission, your days are numbered, the clock is ticking, the people do not trust you nor do they respect you.

  2. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    Got a funny feeling that a lot of material items were not disclosed on that application, let’s see if the local media has enough stones to request a copy of the aqpplication to this insurance company that collected a hefty $55,000 premium for one year of coverage on this office. Me thinks that once the insurance company does their due dilligence, realizes the nature and the significance of the omissions in the application, the coverage/bond may go away and the next premium the county trustee gets will be closer to $125,000 for bonded coverage once the full disclosures are made to the involved underwriters.