Knox County Property Appraisal by the Knox County Property Assessor. Let’s Go Buy 27 Acres for $136,700.

Check out this property assessment. It is valued residentially at $136,700. Remember that the Knox County Property Assessor has just completed the entire county reassessment. The Powell area had a lot of increases in property values.

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

This property is immediately across the road from the St. Mary’s Hospital and St. Mary’s Health and Fitness. 27 acres with access to all utilities, immediate access to City of Knoxville and is valued RESIDENTIALLY at $136,700. The property is similar to property that Costco recently acquired, built and opened in West Knoxville and that property is over $5.0 million.

As a matter of fact, Ridenour Realty has this property marketed as Commercial, check it out here. Call them up and offer them $136,700 with the justification that this all that Knox County and they believe it is worth. Surely the property owner would go to the county and admit it is under appraised.

Maybe, I should pull Ballard financial disclosures and see if there are any campaign contributions to Ballard from Ridenour.

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1 Response

  1. elmer henderlight says:

    Elmer’s Back…. Been out with some health issues but back in the swing of things and oh brother have I a response to this one……….

    First of all HORSE SHIT!!!!!! Really Butter Man you think your gonna pull this one off, this is ignorance at its finest. Ive always said you can learn a whole lot from a dumbass. This just proves everything Ole Elmer has said, this moron doesn’t care as he thinks commission will back his sorry ass up. Tim and Madelyn where is your head at? Do you not see by allowing this type of behavior to occur you are supporting this idiot. You two are smarter than than, hell far and damnation people this is legalized theft, campaign contributions will get you anything you want from the Butter and Egg man. Linda I would kiss your wrinkled ass on Gay Street and give you thirty minutes to draw a crowd you approved this assessment without looking at the paper it was written on. And this man claims to be a christian spending Sunday mornings worshiping and week days stealing from the taxpayers. Old Elmer might cuss and carry on but to break one of the golden rules frankly scares the hell out of me. I will see suit filed against this man to rid him from public office, he is a disgrace and insult to all whom live here. Pack this trash up and send him back to the farm or the fire sales of grange Insurance. I am so angry I could take a dump on a circle saw and it running backwards. Good Grief.