“Cordwood” -vs- “it’s their own people, they are gassing”

There has been much comments by liberals and the folks who ain’t from around here about Sheriff Jones comment about stacking the illegals up like cordwood in the aftermath of the Federal governments denial of his 287(g) application.

Those of us that are from here understand the context of cordwood and nearly three quarters of the calls to Sheriff Jones have been supportive of his comments. They are here in this country illegal. They do not enjoy the rights of a legitimate visitor or citizen of this country. Jones did not say he was going to Guantanamo Bay them. They would be fed 3 squares a day. So what’s the big deal.

I am surprised that the comments Monday evening by Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett hasn’t faced some discussion. Burchett was on WBIR with Anchor John Becker, in response to questions about challenging Senator Lamar Alexander. He mentioned Syria. He said, “yeah they are probably gassing their people. But it’s their people.” REALLY!? With that mentality had Burchett been around during Hitler’s days. Hitler would have just reigned down and never been stopped.

Why the double standard, media?

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3 Responses

  1. The Shadow says:

    That’s an unfair comment about Burchett. Especially, since his dad was a veteran of some of the most brutal fighting in WWII. I’m sure he’s familiar with the brutalities of war. But what he was saying, as Duncan has said, is that this is a civil war, with a number of groups, not all wanting democracy, trying to overthrow Assaad. As cold as this sounds I think the “gas” issue is a faux issue to base military actions upon. It’s no more brutal that African countries forcing their opponents through tactics that result in mass starvation. If they want Assaad overthrown, they should say so, and then take action to do so, but realize that will be compared to every other nation where an atrocity takes place and we don’t get involved.

    Sheriff Jones, although not meaning to, brings into question how he meay run OUR jails, paid for with OUR tax dollars. I don’t like the illegal problem any more than anyone else, but it sounded inhumane. Therein lies the problem.

    And if we get involved in Syria, what’s next? Somolia again? Sudan? Nigeria? THe Congo Republic? Gas is bad, but all those women and children would be just as dead and injured if hit with 50 caliber rounds or shrapnel from any number of bombs used against civilians.

  2. BHornback says:

    your comment that they could be as dead with 50 caliber rounds is humane?

    My point was NOT to be an unfair comment to Burchett. My point is where is the outrage at his comment like the perceived outrage on Sheriff Jones.

    Again, when the illegals entered this country they did so illegal. They do not enjoy the benefits of protection from search and seizure or have Constitutional and Bill of Rights protection.

    As for Burchett saying the same thing as Congressman Duncan. Is that what the County Mayor should be doing? Repeating Congressman Duncan’s position. Congressman Duncan has been consistent through the Gulf War, Desert Storm, Desert Shield.

    If we are going to get into this being a Burchett personal issue. Is his position on the gulf war, desert storm and shield the same as the Syria gassing? Or is this like the internet tax, he was first for it before he was against it. The JWP he was against it before he was for it.

    Before anyone assumes there is some ulterior motive for my criticism of Burchett. I have told both Burchett and his Chief of Staff Dean Rice, this flirtation of running against Lamar! is ridiculous. Keep on leading and helping Knox County become better.

    FYI, your comments about Sheriff Jones treating inmates inhumanely. You clearly do not know Sheriff Jones. He will treat them (law breakers) humanely. Unfortunately, the government requires jail life to be better than the law breakers real life.

    As for Dean Burchett (Mayor’s Dad) I knew him, He was a patriot that did his job and was a colorful man whose friendship in my life, I will forever be thankful for.

  3. The Shadow says:

    “FYI, your comments about Sheriff Jones treating inmates inhumanely. You clearly do not know Sheriff Jones.”

    I said it sounded inhumane. And you know what they say about perception in politics. I’m sure Jones runs the jails humanely, but with such a volatile issue as immigration, those aren’t the words I would have used.

    And maybe those weren’t the words Burchett should have used. Gassing seems to have a special place in the brutalities of war, for some reason. The Syrian situation is mighty complex, and it’s probably a model for Iran in the future. But, I’m not sure how the kind of intervention being discussed can help who we should want to help, other than allowing White House officials to claim we’re on the side of human rights.