The one time (1996-2000) former School Boarder Doesn’t Like a Certain Commissioner

The one time (1996-2000) former School Board Member (who has a throw away newsprint bird cage liner) doesn’t like one of the Commissioners that is being encouraged, begged and persuaded to run for Commission Chairman.

He evidently likes and supports the other guy who has a history of bulling, intimidating and trying to coerce young men. Read this post and this follow-up post where I received the story from the victim.

The same korryton kommunity krony that authored the opinion piece bragged on a few former Commission Chairmen. He doesn’t like one in particular. But not mentioning Thomas “Tank” Strickland of the City of Knoxville administration, John C. Griess, David Collins, Current Commissioner Mike Hammond and the late Ralph Teague in his opinion piece leaves the reader with the only conclusion that they could conclude and that is these former Chairmen are in the same boat as the ones the author does not heap praise on.

One of the Chairmen that the one time former school board member likes lost his position on Commission (serving South Knox County, before moving to East Knox County to win 6 years later) while he was Chairman because he along with the former late Commissioner Joe McMillan were publicly exposed for receiving free cable television from the cable company that had the exclusive contract for cable service and was governed by the County Commission.

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3 Responses

  1. CooooringtonCronies says:

    It is funny that he blames Scott Moore for Black Wednesday, but his bestest corrington cronie and perpetrator of all antics that he ain’t got the stones to do, Jacky Huddlescum was appointed on Black Wednesday. Was found guilty, removed from office and couldn’t even get enough signatures to remove a school board member that instead removed himself after Huddlescum failed. Huddlescum raised money but was too skeered to face Dave Wright and kept the cash but didn’t run.

    Also, his other cronie Soon to be removed Property Assessor and getting stacked like cordwood Phil Ballard was also on Commission during Black Wednesday and was found guilty. His other cronies, Craig and Frank Luethold were found guilty. Frank was removed.

    • elmer henderlight says:

      Not much to add to the story as the Flat Tire Man is what he is and will never again hold public office as his commission light burned out before he could push the button. As for the ASS of the second floor thats a whole other story here. I’ve heard the assessor has a severe case of the red ass in private and walks the halls like nothing is wrong in public. Brian give more details, as if this idiot is finally getting whats been coming to him I want time to sell tickets for this event. This is the most unpopular man in the history of the formation of Knox County. The assessments in this town are either overly inflated to the financially disadvantaged or grossly under assessed by the financially secure, a simple statement backed up by the work of the top three:


      Read these names twice, if your getting screwed by higher assessments these are the three to be held responsible. Tax notices come out in a few weeks, those manufactured high assessments will result in high tax bills. Just you wait and see. At this point its too late, just like AAMCO…. beep beep… you have been screwed. If you think this commission is gonna pull another stunt like the appointment of Craig Do Nothing, you are badly mistaken. Old Elmer is going to make an appearance and brother will commission squirm as I hold two blow torches, one in each hand. I will be on them like white on rice.

      Get right with Martha White boys… Old Elmer is lurking.

  2. ShakeAndBrake says:

    What’s up with the guy that takes pictures? Why is he always hanging out in the County Mayors office! He use to always hang out on the 4th floor but when Duncan left, he moved up to the Mayors Office. I hear a lot of people in the law department complaining about welfare parking validations for the guy. What is that?