Why Do a Few People Want to Take Knox Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones On?

Former DUI School Operator Don Wiser announced some time ago that he wants to challenge Knox County Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones. Actually, if I recall correctly it was right after some law enforcements agents raided his DUI School.

Back in the Spring former Knox County Deputy Chris Jones announced at a tea party meeting that he wants to take on Jimmy J.J. Jones. He apparently left Knox County and went to Arizona and the State of Washington to work in law enforcement. He returns to Knox County in an attempt to become the county’s top cop. Sources indicate that Jones has thought better of a run and has moved back to the State of Washington.

Now, at a recent Karns Republican Club meeting 66 year old former Knox County Assitant Chief Deputy (Appointed by former Sheriff Tim Hutchison) Bob Waggoner a 13 year retiree of the Sheriffs Department and a law enforcement retiree of Norfolk Southern rail road company announced that he has formed “an exploratory committee” for a potential run for Knox County Sheriff opposing Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones.

This is surprising to me that two candidates have announced and one is exploring to challenge Jones. Why do they want to take on a popular Sheriff? What can these guys do better than SheriffJimmy J.J. Jones?

September 5, 2013 at 6:34 a.m. UPDATE I received a message that there is another announced candidate challenging Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones. Mr. Sam Hammett.

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  1. The sen. says:

    I think current law is a person has to be POST certified in the last 10 years to run.