Mo’ Money and Not a Local Candidate

Gerald Witt, Reporter over at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill has a story about the replacement for Knox County Independent Auditor Richard Walls. You will remember that Commissioner Broyles also known as Audit Committee Member Forty Percent. She has missed 40% of the Audit Committee meetings. She apparently knew that Walls wasn’t doing his job while she herself was and continues to operate at just above Fifty Percent.

Broyles and the Audit Committee Chairman have told Witt as it is reported in Witt’s story that they expect the salary to be higher for Walls replacement. The Audit Committee Chairman also expects someone from a Senior level position from Nashville or Memphis. Apparently, the audit committee chair knows that the level of talent isn’t in Knoxville and it is ok to spend more of our tax dollars on a non local.

Also, in the story Broyles makes statements about how the auditor will report to the committee. Walls ultimately answered to Knox County Commission and his replacement should as well. Not answering to the audit committee.

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