Who Is Behind the One Question Poll about Shouse or Leuthold?

A couple a days ago, I got a phone call from someone saying they received an automated phone call that said it was a one question Republican poll. What semi-professional pollster does a one question poll? But I digress. The question, if the Knox County Primary Election were held today who would you vote for Knox County Trustee Craig Leuthold or Ed Shouse.

Don’t worry you didn’t miss the primary election. It isn’t until May, 6, 2014.

I called a source working with Ed Shouse, they said they are not doing a poll and if they were it would have more than one question. Didn’t think much of it again until tonight when a good friend and excellent source for BrianHornback.Com text messaged me that he got the poll tonight. He said that he kept hitting the #3 but it wouldn’t register as none of the above. I asked if he was trying to break the poll. He said he hadn’t thought of that.

On another funny note, I overheard someone say that the KnoxDems consider the Knox County Republicans as ruthless. However, there is a majority of local GOP’ers that want the party to have at least one Ruth-LESS.

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