An Attorney Representing Kuhlman Demands Correction, Retraction and Apology!

Last Wednesday, I received a couple of correspondences that were demanding a correction, retraction and apology for Ruthie Kuhlman the Knox County Republican Party Chair.

I examined the two posts in question, talked with my sources and have determined that I can not issue a correction, retraction and apology.

Here is my response, sent this morning on the 9th day. I was given 10 days to perform that correction, retraction and apology.

October 4, 2013

Response to both September 25, 2013 demands for Correction, Retraction and Apology

I have talked with all sources of both blog posts in question. They stand behind their version of what they heard Mrs. Kuhlman say. They do not desire their identities to be revealed due to potential ramifications from the leader of the Knox County Republican Party. As a website (blog) that adheres to similar standards as the Knoxville News Sentinel, Shopper News Now and Knoxville Focus, I will not reveal my sources at their request.

On September 26, 2013 (the day after your demand was received) Mrs. Kuhlman and I both attended the Center City Republican Club. At the beginning of the meeting State Rep. Steve Hall made an announcement that at the previous meeting there were comments made and he had talked with Rep. Harry Brooks and he stated the accuracy of Rep. Brooks legislative history.

I wrote a website story on that meeting and it can be located at

While being a public official and having what you say examined is difficult at times (I have been in the same post as Mrs. Kuhlman) it is the nature of the position. Certainly, nothing published about Mrs. Kuhlman or any other person has or ever will be done in a malicious manner on or by my website.

With Kindest Regards,

Brian Hornback

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3 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    I rarely agree with any of your positions, but never considered you to have malice towards anyone.

  2. BHornback says:

    Thanks Bruce.

  3. Dogwoody says:

    She has been a public figure/official since her days as a City of Knoxville employee and then the years she tortured us at Dogwood Arts. She ran for Commission in 2008 and won the primary and then lost to Finbarr Saunders. To get even for her loss, she ran her crony Jeff Ownby. How did that go for the Sequoyah Hills crowd. Now she is Republican Chair and she gets upset because you report her bullying ways. She was like that at Dogwood with us. Just keep doing what you do.