Did Knox County Schools Pad Fulton Highs Football Schedule?

Several sources have informed me that three area Knox County high schools were required by Knox County Schools Athletic Supervisor Marion Quinn to play Fulton High School in football.

Powell, Bearden and Farragut were required to play Fulton. Bearden and Farragut had to cancel a game with McMinn County to comply with the demand. Bearden and Fulton, Powell and Fulton and Farragut and Fulton are like matching Tennessee against Oregon. In the Farragut match up with Fulton. Farragut did score on Fulton, which may allow Farragut not to be demanded as a Fulton opponent next year.

Why would the athletic supervisor for the school district favor one school and demand a schedule that pads their win record?

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1 Response

  1. Mike Cohen says:

    I think it is actually good for Knox County athletics for local teams to play each other. And all of the involved…Bearden, Farragut, Fulton…are traditional football powerhouses. So it actually makes some sense to me.