Trustees Race Could Pick Up At Least a Candidate or Two

Commissioner Ed Shouse announced and entered the race for Knox County Trustee yesterday. Former Trustee employee and Current Real Estate Professional Entrepreneur Barry Hawkins of Karns has been encouraged to consider a run. He is rumored to be considering it and weighing his options.

Whether Interim Trustee Craig Leuthold, who was employed by Trustees Mike Lowe and Fred Sisk and then went to work for now embattled Property Assessor Phil Ballard will attempt a run for election of the people or whether he will accept a simple majority or the Knox County Commission and then fade back into the life of government bureaucrat in some fee office, is unclear as Leuthold has not made any public notice or announcement. Unless you count the taxpayer funded tax bills sent out several weeks ago to every property owner in Knox County.

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1 Response

  1. Randy says:

    How exciting that Barry Hawkins is considering a run for Knox County Trustee. What a breath of fresh air to have someone that actually cares about what goes on in that branch of our county government. You could not ask for a more qualified, morally planted individual for that position. Knox County needs people like you…Run Barry Run !!!!!!