A Candidate NOT Ready for Prime Time, In My Opinion

I have told my kids to be careful what they post on social media. Prospective employers examine social media and decisions between you and someone else being hired could hing on your social media postings.

For example, today in the news the Deputy Finance Chair for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s reelection was fired from Walker’s campaign for tweets sent in 2011. So, it stands to reason that voters could look at prospective candidates for Judge to determine the candidates fitness for being a Judge and what their judicial temperament would be.

Imagine my surprise when I went to the Facebook page of an announced candidate for Circuit Court Judge Division I and find three pictures that are very insensitive. One picture is two girls sitting on Santa’s lap with one flipping the middle finger to the camera. Another is a picture of a home on fire while in the middle of a flooded neighborhood and finally someone extremely beaten up with a message disparaging WalMart on Black Friday.

Circuit Court deals with child custody issues. How would this candidate view the fitness of a parent that would allow the incident that the candidate “liked and shared”. Circuit Court deals with property loss suits. How would this candidate view property loss by a natural gas explosion due to a flood like the candidate “liked and shared”? Circuit Court deals with assault and bodily injury cases, How would this candidate view an assault by someone for going shopping, like the candidate “liked and shared”?

One thing I have always known but have taken to heart in recent experiences is to keep records and evidence of things that I opine on here at my website. For such reason all three offending posts have been screen shot saved in the unfortunate event that the candidate decides to take the Facebook page down or deletes his “likes and shares” of the three and then alleges in some potential bizarre court filing that the candidate didn’t post such content on their Facebook page and seeks libel damages.

In my opinion, said candidate is not ready for prime time or a judicial position. That’s my opinion, that’s what you come here for I am sure. Because, why else are you here?

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1 Response

  1. David crisp says:

    Very well spoken Brian. Too many times the ones charged to enforce or apply the law tend to take the hypocritical road well traveled . I do realize they are human but we … the commoners are too . Those pics and posts my seem harmless or not a big deal but that same defense is rendered useless in a roadside interogation or courtroom situation ..