You Would Think Waggoner Would Have Thought This One Out

Mike Donila over at Straight from the Heart reported earlier this week that Knox County Sheriff candidate Bobby Waggoner had requested the travel records of Current Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones and several of Jones top brass. Read Donila’s post here.

The problem with Waggoner’s request is that when he was lumped in with everyone he asked for he was the second highest. Well, actually Chief Rodney Bivens who presides over the jail and is mandated to attend conferences, actually leaves Waggoner as the king of the highest heap of taxpayer reimbursed travel.

For a guy from a political family, you would think he would have thought this one out.

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1 Response

  1. When will they learn? says:

    Waggoner has more problems than that. His nephew is helping him. If four people are running, Waggoner will finish fifth.