Smith Trying a Deal With Sepesi Severance? Seventh District Shifting

In today’s Georgiana Vines column in the Big Metal Shed on the Hill publication she reports that County Commission Vice Chairman Robert Lawrence Smith has told her that he is looking at the Seventh District School Board seat. He is reported to have said that he has asked Sepesi if she would like to serve on Commission. Cutting a deal? Interesting!

With Smith term limited on the Seventh District County Commission seat and the Seventh District School Board seat up, lots of folks are pushing and shoving to get a seat.

Bo Bennett and Steve Rogers have picked up petitions for Commission. Other rumored candidates are Former Commissioner Scott Moore, Rodney Lane Merriman and Andrew Graybeal. With Sepesi and Smith looking at School Board could that cause Moore, a father of two school age children look at the school board position?

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Why does this not shock me? I wouldn’t vote for either of these two clowns! First of all Larry you sealed your fate with the Duncan’s, those long legs were pulled from under you. It’s over big boy. Cut whatever deal you want it will not matter a hill of pork and beans. Quite frankly we have had enough of this group of people that call themselves the school board. Kim is tied to Phyllis who is tied to Hunley who is tied to Joy, that family tree is over, like the combover style from Gerald Turner. Rodney has sold his worthless ass to Ballard who is hunleys water boy, Rodney do you not think your indiscretions will not be revealed. Stay with the SS Ballard until the Feds lock him up, oh yes butter man we are still waiting for the huge terd to hit the fan. Answer this question? Why does an office that collects $60.00 a month for copies need in office cameras with voice recording? This is one sorry man that’s scared of his shadow. The Duncan’s are behind Bennett and for those who listen to old Elmer don’t waste your vote. Here is the winners before the election begins. Jones, sheriff, Witt, Register, Quist, Clerk, Hammond, Criminal, Knight, DA, the rest is too early to call it.