Giveaway Paper and Commissioner Broyles Team Up, Certainly an Odd Couple

Today the Fountain City Focus Publisher has clearly published an erronious report. The headline is shocking, Burchett Seeks $80,000 raise. Anyone that knows Tim Burchett knows that this is a wrong information. Afterall, if he were seeking to amass a fortune, he would not have sold the Mayor’s Chevrolet Tahoe and instead drive his own personal late model Jeep.

Interesting that Commissioner Amy Broyles brought this issue up at Commisson today. Supposedly, in a fact finding search. Why is it so interesting that Broyles and the Focus would team up? Because the Focus was an ardent supporter of Broyles opponent in the last election. Broyles was opposed by a former Knox County Democrat Party Chairman who was running as an Independent. While at this time the Publisher of the Focus was a member of the Knox County Republican Executive Committee. So, for Broyles and the Publisher to be teaming together is an odd couple to say the least.

Burchett stated at the Commission meeting today that a giveaway paper got it wrong. He is not seeking a payraise. To refer to the Focus as a giveaway paper is a generous term. Sources tell me that most of the papers are thrown away from the free racks and very few people actually pick them up and take them. At least with the Shopper they throw it in your driveaway so that you have to throw it away.

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