Republican State Senate Forum for Two-Thirds of the Field

What was billed as the first Republican State Senate Forum was only with two of the three candidates. The event was a Knox County Young Republicans Club Meet the Candidates Forum. When Knox YR a President Alex Roehl was asked where candidate Mike Alford was. He said that he was unaware that there was a third candidate. He intends to invite Alford to attend a future meeting.

Now to the forum between two-thirds of the field, Knox County Commissioner Richard Briggs and Incumbent State Senator Stacey Campfield.

During opening remarks Dr. Briggs said he got interested in politics after the 2007, Black Monday. (Editorial correction, it was Black Wednesday 2007. If it was a defining moment, how do you get it wrong?) Campfield stressed that during his 6 years in the State House it was controlled by heavy handed Democrat leadership. He and others were “bomb throwers”, over time they cut the membership to more a Republican leaning to Majority Republican to now a Super Majority Republican leadership.

The first question was about continuing to improve on reducing the unemployment rate in TN. Campfield said the legislature reduced the Hall Income tax, the food sales tax, TN has great business infrastructure, TN is #2 in roads (that is critical because of our geography to the masses of the U.S. Population. Of course, the passage of the Norris/Campfield bill also known as the TN Promise Bill. The passage of allowing two year of free tuition to boost our 30% plus to 55% higher education graduation.

Briggs said there are states better than us, In Knox County 50% of our students are on free and reduced lunch. He cited his service on the Knox County Industrial Development Board in recruiting businesses to this area.

Next question, how will Tennessee attract and retain college graduates? Briggs said we must attract the top professors to Tennessee to teach and the high school graduates need to be prepared.

Campfield cited that TN was 46-48th in education. In the 3 years he has served in the Senate, TN has become #1 in education growth in the country. He does not favor government restrictions like slope and hillside developments and billboard restrictions.

Why are trades like carpentry not taught in all schools?

Briggs said not every student needs to go to college. They (assume the Mrs and him) had a issue with Comcast. He called and got a lady with an Indian accent. She said her name was Sara. He then gave a sarcastic right.

Campfield said I have been fighting for trade expansion. There is currently a one year waiting period to get into the TN Technical & Technology School. We need trade schools. He said a job is better than no job. Too many people look down on some jobs and professions.

Appointed or Elected Superintendents

Campfield said leave it up to the local communities.

Briggs said officials that make policy should be elected. We elect school boards. He then went on a three minute rabbit chase about other states.

State Income Tax

Briggs no

Campfield I have voted no. He then went on to say you will never see me on a lefty website saying we need a more progressive tax system.

The Second Amendment

Briggs said it is a constitutional guarantee and talked around another rabbit trail.

Campfield, YES

In closing, Campfield said this race will be interesting, you have different views to decide from. I am very conservative. He cited the drug testing of public assistance recipients, accountability on parents to be involved and defunding of planned parenthood.

Briggs said that he believes you must tell the truth, he doesn’t plan to play lose and when he gives his word, he will honor it.

With that it concluded, in the next month we will hopefully have an opportunity to hear from other Republican candidate Mike Alford.

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10 Responses

  1. Arealyoungrepublican says:

    How does a “republican” group that boast about helping to elect republican candidates not know who is on the REPUBLICAN ticket?!?!?!? Their is a reason many of us young conservatives stay away from the joke that is the Knox County YRs. The chair is a joke he is what I refer to as a “mental midget”

  2. Knoxvountyreject says:

    So let me get the strait Dr Briggs says that he believes in telling the truth how interesting. I wonder if he forgot about exaggerating his military record? Or if he just “forgot” about that whole TBI investigation.
    Sen Campfield is a very honest man! He is so honest it gets him into to trouble. Dr Briggs you might want to watch what you say about being “truthful” I have a feeling your going to be exposed for what you really are….. A FRUAD

  3. Little Steven says:

    Briggs got involved because of Black Monday It was such an impact on his life he forgot it was really black Wednesday. I wonder if he got involved not because he was disgusted or because he was inspired. He followed the mold when he nominated his treasurers son to be the trustee.

    As for being on the Knox count Development board, can anyone think of any big companies coming into town since he has been on it?

  4. Mike Cohen says:

    It is too bad that your editorial content always supports your paid advertisers. It’s just glaringly obvious.

  5. BHornback says:

    Mike, it is ONLY glaring obvious to individuals that have a hidden agenda, looking for some reason to impugn the reporting. What is wrong with a blogger that knows it was Black Wednesday and NOT Black Monday pointing out the obvious? Probably because I am not like all other media that simply take press releases from the pr folks and copy and paste without fact checking. In this situation had Briggs said Black Wednesday, I wouldn’t be criticized by his supporters. In many races I have multiple candidates for the same seat advertising. Your friend Briggs is welcome to advertise here as well.

  6. Mike Cohen says:

    Hidden agenda? I’ve sent you a Briggs news release. I have given him money and discussed my support for him. There is absolutely nothing hidden.

  7. BHornback says:

    In your first comment did you reveal that to the readers of this blog of your press release sending, your donations and expressed support? Then there was a hidden agenda by a reasonable man standard. You corrected it on your second comment. Again, we will happily accept Briggs ad as well. More winning candidates advertised here than anywhere else.

  8. Little Steven says:

    Mike Cohen, aren’t you a paid lobbyist who lobbies to get more state and federal spending?

    • Mike Cohen says:

      Little Steven:

      No, I don’t lobby the state or federal government. I do work the local legislative bodies for clients sometime, but not it tends to be on regulatory issues, not seeking money.

  9. Little Steven says:

    Paid for Working local legislative bodies for clients on regulatory issues. Isn’t that lobbying?

    I thought it was illegal for someone to accept money from a lobbyist in TN?

    Has Briggs broken campaign finance laws or are you breaking the law by not registering as a lobbyist?