WBIR’s Inside TN Should Have Emert and Smith Back

Today on WBIR’s Inside TN the two candidates for the REPUBLICAN nomination for TN House District 13 were on the first segment. Panelist Don Bosch must have thought that the General Election is not in November. Because he took the effort to dig Jason Emert on Johnson’s effectiveness and/or ineffectiveness.

The race that Emert and Eddie Smith are pursuing in the August 7 REPUBLICAN primary is to decide who will take on Johnson from August 8 until November 4. With Johnson’s case being made through surrogate Bosch. WBIR should have Emert & Smith back to focus on the primary, not the General.

Bosch was so partisan in being the Johnson surrogate, it was funny to see and hear him in the next segment argue for bi partisanship. Really?

SRW needs to get back. Elaine Davis does a good job. But SRW keeps Bosch in check.

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