The “Spin” and “Dishonesty” from the Campaign of Congressman Duncan’s Opponent is Piling Up as High as the Landfill it Comes From

Just got a robocall (I don’t answer them, so that they record and I can save them) from the wife of Congressman Duncan’s opponent. She said her husband is “a small business owner” and is challenging “our 26 year incumbent”. First through numerous interviews the Congressman’s opponent has said it is his Fathers business. Second, the Congressman has been elected 13 times to 2 year terms, not a 26 year term.

I realize that the Congressman’s opponent has only voted on time in this primary since he registered to vote in 1996. He has said he has been to busy (like in 2012 with serving on a Pastor Search Committee) to vote. He told the Metro Pulse that the election process is too confusing.

The desperate spin and dishonesty from the Congressman’s opponent is piling as high as a landfill and the odor is nearly as bad.

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4 Responses

  1. Dan Raper says:

    Wow Journalism 101!!!

  2. The Shadow says:

    I’ve stood in line to vote. On crutches…twice. The first true piece of evidence of sincere political/public activity and involvement is someone’s voting record. And Zachary clearly fails.

  3. BHornback says:

    I agree “Shadow”! Dan Raper, I don’t know if your comment is to try and discredit the degree of the Congressman or a slam at this blog. Either way, let me inform you.

    1) Zachary said in a youtube interview, that he spent 2 years at Pellissippi and 3 years at UT and was one year away from a degree. That is irresponsible to the money his daddy spent. We don’t need that in Congress. I am sure 5 years doing whatever, with whomever was fun but that is not what he should have done. Did he realize Daddy with the silver spoons were just going to give him a paycheck and a position.

    2) A blog while is considered a citizen journalist take, while the high courts have ruled that a blog enjoys protection afforded to legitimate news organizations. I have never in nearly 10 years of operation acted as if my opinion was not a part of my posts.

  4. Knoxcountyreject says:

    Dan grow up you don’t have that uniform to hide behind anymore! Your candidate is a fraud live with it!