Settling MisInformation From a Supporter of Congressman Duncan’s Opponent


The following post was attached to Congressman Duncan’s opponent Facebook. I contacted Congressman Duncan’s opponent through text message and email that this information is erroneous. I am not the author of said letter. I was asked to sign it and because the letter is factual regarding the Congressman’s opponents lazy voting record. I happily signd it. If you will notice this particular individual writes as if one he is speaking for more than himself and second that he speaks for the Congressman’s opponent.

I will say other than this very bad erroneous post, no one has called or contacted me to object for standing up to the record of a lazy voter turned Congressional candidate.

Here is the letter that 9 other former Chairmen and I signed.


It should be noted that this zealous supporter of the Congressman’s opponent describes his college experience on Facebook as Studied a Totally a Useless Things. at Carson Newman University. He apparently identifies a nickname on his Facebook as HorseSpit.


Additionally, this persons name has appeared on the ballot, he qualifies as a public official. Nothing posted here is in any way other than correcting misinformation presented by him. Certainly there is no malicious intent to slam, slander or hurt this individual.

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3 Responses

  1. Ray Jenkins says:

    I am a signatory to that letter. I know for a fact that Mr. Hornback neither wrote it or coordinated its creation.

    As for Mr. Smith’s assertion, there is nothing wrong or unethical with former Chairmen of the Republican Party supporting a candidate in a primary. In fact, I would argue that it is a moral imperative for them to do so when the choice is between an honorable and respected member of Congress and someone who has not and cannot articulate a single position on which he opposes the sitting congressman and whose only true stated reason for running is that the congressman has “been there too long.”

    I have been in meetings with Mr. Smith – one where he announced he would be on the ballot this election cycle. Apparently, he is not a man of his word.

    I don’t know Mr. Smith, but from what I have observed, his political positions are incoherent non sequiturs with no relation to reality.

    Again – I signed the letter in question because I am a supporter of Jimmy Duncan and his voting record. And, unless and until someone runs against him who espouses a philosophy and agenda more in tune with mine than Mr. Duncan’s, I’ll continue to vote for him. And I will use what influence I may have to convince others to do the same. – rhj

  2. Teacher says:

    This guy sells insurance and financial services? Jizz surrounds himself with someone that is loose with assumptions. Wouldn’t trust my insurance or money with him or Jizz.

    Is this guy Mayor Burchett’s best bud. I heard rumor he was the Mayors best man in his most recent wedding. How many wives has Birdshit had?

  3. Concordia says:

    Is this guy one of the 3-5 consultants Zachary has hired. Paying 9k to church cronie Bill Mancini. Zachary is keeping it incestious