Leuthold -v- Zachary?

On Saturday at the Karns Community Fair, I was told that if in the event Richard Briggs beats State Senator Stacey Campfield that Interim Trustee Craig Leuthold likely would be seeking the Commission appointment to the County Commission seat that Briggs vacates.

I asked what about him going back to the vacant position, that Knox County Property Assessor Philip Ballard left open for him last July when he was appointed Interim Trustee. Apparently, Leuthold wants both.

Jason Zachary keeps talking about career politicians. Leuthold would have to be textbook case of a career politician. Leuthold went to work for Trustee Mike Lowe in 1994, he was elected to County Commission in 2002 (getting a second check), on Black Wednesday 2007, he voted to appoint Fred Sisk to the Trustee position and received a promotion and a significant pay raise. In addition, on Black Wednesday 2007, he voted to appoint his father Frank Leuthold to Commission.

In 2011, Trustee John Duncan discovered that he and another employee’s activity could be combined into one position. So, Leuthold went down to where his former fellow Black Wednesday Commissioner Ballard was now serving as Property Assessor. He began working there. In July 2013 an appointment to be Interim Trustee became available and Leuthold went from the Property Assessors office to Trustee.

Leuthold was soundly rejected by the Republican voters on May 6, 2014. The Republican voters instead chose Republican Ed Shouse to be challenged by Jim Berrier on August 7, 2014. Now, Leuthold is rumored to be lobbying to return to the Property Assessor and County Commission, where he could return to two pay checks, two travel per diems.

For this Jason Zachary fellar, this Leuthold character should be a career politician if there ever was one.

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2 Responses

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Well sure this moron wants both, this idiot tries to ride both sides of the ass. He has had more jobs on the county tit than Smiling Harmon’s family has put together. Craig the old man has no use for this type of behavior, can you not survive in the real world? Out here on my side you are required to work for a paycheck, I did it for 50 plus years the hard way, and it’s high time you let go of the county tit. The way I hear it you have already sealed the deal with the devil, but…… how are you going to split the pie with Smith? This man comes with strings and the Butter and Egg man is quickly running out of options. Craig you lost the election and it wasn’t even close, you can’t think you deserve another chance at failure. The new trustee has to clean house and I mean clear in half. That transfer that you think no one knows about is not going to last forever. So I can clear the air of this dirty little secret I want to just throw it all up in the air for everyone to see, kind of like stained underpants on the clothes line on Saturday morning.

    Where is Williams and his mistress going to work? Trustee or Property Assessor?
    What position is Leuthold going to retain? Commissioner or Candidate for Property Assessor?
    What job is going to be created for Smith? Trainee for Property Assessor or a Court Bailiff?
    Where is the Chief Deputy of the trustee’s office going to work? A real job or come on down to the Property Assessors office?

    I have never met such a team of players, this is like an episode of musical chairs, senior edition. “I see Knox, I see Larry, I see Craig, I see Kristin… Welcome to Romper Room people. Have you ever noticed that the Black Wednesday crew just hangs in there like thieves to a bank vault. And these people call themselves Republicans, hey Bob Crye why don’t you hop up on that soap box and expose this truth. Oh I forgot the Hunleytized are immune from discussion and ridicule. How fast we turn our heads and a blind eye to the truth and play tattle tale when your ass is exposed to a blow torch. Give Old Elmer a chance the City and County Building is getting cleaner with each election, the floor is slicker than cat shit on a linoleum floor. Watch out and FOCUS on this election, there is going to be a few surprises. I know its a bit early but I have to make my predictions for next week, as at my age I may not be here tomorrow, but I hope so, I have a lunch date at Wrights on election day.

    Trustee: Shouse
    Judge: The Beautiful Judge Long
    Chancellor: Fansler ( Dear Lord his daughter has grown)
    Judge: McMillian
    Judge: Ailor
    Clerk: Padgett

    The rest are given and will do a great job, if you want to support a winner go with Elmer. The City and County Building folks listen close, Elmer is working hard to insure you have a great administration to work with.

  2. Ok this just proves why the Trustee can’t be trusted. The way this office has been ran is a disgrace. First it was higher taxes in the City and then an appointment for Trustee from the good buddy society. Yes I know plenty more and if the laundry is being ran out on the line then I want answers. Craig Leuthold I am directing this question to you? Is Knox WIlliams being paid by the Trustee for his driving time on his wife’s school busses? He has been the driver in the morning and afternoons last year for our sons route to school. Either way I expect an answer, as I am sure you have some sort of time card records.

    I understand a group of business professionals and respected members of this community are soliciting for a female to seek the appointment when Dr. Briggs is sworn in. We have had enough of you Mr. Leuthold, you proved your not worthy of holding office, either elected or appointed. Nodding and turning your head does not warrant a paycheck. If this scenario is true regarding a flip flop back to the property adjusters office, I believe as a tax paying citizen this job needs to be posted on thru the county personnel. I have my eye on this one. One false move and and I will park myself right at the Mayors office and demand answers. If there are any others which think this type of behavior should be evaluated this is the Mayors office line 215-2005. Its time someone took a stand, and I am just the one to light up the Mayor, my congressman(523-3772) and if need be the Governor (615-641-2001).