Let it Go

Yesterday, John Duncan III, former Knox County Trustee was granted diversion and his case expunged. He spent more than a year since his July 2013 initial court appearance and has maintained a stellar incident free lifestyle.

The other two individuals were also granted diversion. One of those individuals the Trustee staff Attorney that apparently reportedly signed off on the actions that led to Duncan’s resignation.

A few individuals that were apparently confused that the Congressional election wasn’t over, went to news internet sites, social media apps posting immature, ill informed comments. Mostly posting them anonymously cause that’s what makes them feel good about themselves, being anonymous.

Duncan earned my respect (I was critical of him in the heat of the investigation, subsequent resignations during late 2012, early 2013) in how he accepted responsibility, complied and exceeded all requirements of his agreed order.

Here’s hoping that Duncan, his wife and extended family are able to move on without much self guilt. To anyone that would like to be critical of him, let those without any errors in their lives be the first. Yeah thats what I know, No one to step up, cause everyone has made a mistake.

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