John Fugate is the Interim Second District School Board Member

2007 Black Wednesday County Commissioner Tony Norman and Dr. Richard Briggs along with a cast of Commissioners flipped the BIG OLE MIDDLE FINGER to Commissioner Amy Broyles and the Second District and voted for John Fugate as the Interim Second District School Board Member replacing Indya Kincannon who resigned on August 18, 2014.

Qualifying petitions are now available for the Second District School Board Special Election on November 4, 2014. Early Voting October 15-30, 2014.

Broyles nominated Knox County Sheriffs Office Employee and Community Activist Rick Staples. After a vote where many others were nominated that had asked not to be nominated. Ultimately Norman and Briggs were joined by Commissioner Jeff Ownby, Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith, Commissioner David Wright, Commissioner Mike Hammond and Commissioner Ed Shouse.

Commissioner Sam McKenzie talked about the politics of the puppet masters. He said they tried to pull strings in the first district and it failed. I interpret that to be the scare tactic of Gloria Deathridge’s health or illness, which ever it is.

Commissioner Amy Broyles called it Black Wednesday. Commissioner Norman playing the part of Pinocchio, protestth too much. Time will tell if Fugate is the hit man to carry out the anger of the County Mayor that some think is being set up. I don’t see John Fugate as that guy, but I have been wrong before.

Broyles is dead on right (that is odd for me to say) that the Commission not going with the wishes of the district is not right. What will Ownby do when the Commission goes against his wishes or any other Commissioner for that matter? Precedence is set.

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  1. WannabeJZ says:

    When the commission goes against Owenby he will take a drive out to sharps ridge and sit on a pole I mean picnic table and take it all in.