Who is the Puppet Master and Who Controls the Puppet Master?

Commissioner Sam McKenzie was on the Hallerin Hilton Hill Show this morning on NewsTalk 98.7 FM talking about yesterday’s 7-4 vote placing Banker John Fugate as the 3 month Second District School Board Member.

McKenzie made reference to “Steve Hunley and people like him.” as the puppet master. Hunley a former 1996-2000 Knox County School Board Member and current Publisher of a weekly freebie newspaper headquartered in the Inskip community of Knoxville has been a constant critic of Superintendent Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr.

Many of the issues that the Hunley paper have been critical of McIntyre have also been issues that County Mayor Tim Burchett have also been critical of the Superintendent. County Mayor Burchett’s step daughter is reportedly attending a private school in Knox County. Burchett’s Chief of Staff Dean Rice has said that his boss always needs to be against or campaigning against something or someone. Why is that? Why is the glass always half empty? When can Alex Haley’s advice ever win out, “find the good and praise it.”

Hallerin stated that he would try and get Hunley on the air, we will wait and see how the story continues to develop”

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2 Responses

  1. The Shadow says:

    I believe Burchett has been critical of the superintendent because many teachers and parents have given him their concerns that they feel like Central Office staff and the Board of Education won’t address the issues or even listen to them.

  2. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Well Hunley’s all but a memory to the Republican Party as he has played his final hand. His cronies are slowly getting caught at their devious acts and on their way out of public office. This Black Wednesday puppeteer has pulled his last string, but obviously by his size not left the table yet. His only tie to a county wide office is Phil Ballard and whomever he appoints to run in a few years. I would vote for anyone with half a damn brain no matter what his skills are. Even if he was a former janitor of a whore house. At least he or she would know right from wrong. If anyone tied to Hunley would pay a visit to the criminal trial underway, they would observe what has blacked the Republican Party.