Today is Change Day in Knox County

Today is the last official work day for several folks in Knox County Government.

District Attorney General Randy Nichols, twenty two years as the counties Prosecutor and he was a Criminal Court Judge for a brief time before that. He is replaced by Charme Knight Allen. Prosecutor Allen has some big shoes to fill, she is capable and ready. Here’s hoping that now that he isn’t keeping regular work hours, I may run into my neighbor Nichols at Weigel’s or some where nearby and we can enjoy a cup of coffee or diet coke together. There’s a coke bottle, Share a Diet Coke with the District Attorney General.

Circuit Court Judge Harold Wimberly, Jr. – I suspect if I wrote that Judge was leaving he would be ticked. He may not be the presiding Judge of Circuit Division II, but leaving and not doing anything, that won’t happen. I wonder if he would be a pro bono photographer for BrianHornback.Com? That would be AWESOME. Anyway, he will be around doing some kinda work, cause his dad taught him that is what he is supposed to do. He is replaced by Bill Ailor.

Chancellor Daryl Fansler – 16 years as Chancellor and Fansler is still a relatively young man. I suspect if he were to go hang up his lawyering shingle up somewhere, a lot of people would want him as their Attorney, especially in Chancery. Of course, his future isn’t limited to just being a lawyer, I suspect we ain’t heard the last of Daryl Fansler. Clarence Eddie Pridemore is the next Chancellor in Part II of Chancery Court.

Criminal Court Judge Mary Beth Leibowitz retires today and on Tuesday Republican Scott Green a former Prosecutor and defense attorney becomes the new Criminal Court Judge.

Longtime Fourth Circuit Court Judge Bill Swann retires today as well. He finishes his work in family court today and Greg McMillan becomes our next family court Judge. McMillan will do an exceptionally great job.

Craig Leuthold – he was hired by Trustee Mike Lowe in 1994. In 2002, he worked for the Trustee and was elected to a seat County Commission. In 2007, he was a member of the Black Wednesday Commission that put his boss, Fred Sisk in as Trustee and his own father in a County Commission seat. In 2010, new Trustee John Duncan had no room in the inn for him, so he traveled down to Property Assessor. Then in 2013, he got appointed by County Commission as the Interim Trustee. On May 6, the Republican voters selected Ed Shouse and on August 7, the General Election voters selected Shouse. Now, today Luethold leaves the Trustee office AGAIN. Rumors are circulating that he, Trustee employees Knox Williams and Kristin Phillips may be working in the Property Assessors office next week. I would be surprised by Property Assessor Ballard has that much excess salary currently unused. But we will wait and see.

Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey leaves after a long tenure. She did not seek reelection, she will be replaced by Former Commissioner Mike Hammond.

County Commissioner Tony Norman is being replaced by Randy Smith. County Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith is being replaced by Charlie Busler. County Commissioner Mike Hammond will be replaced by Bob Thomas and County Commissioner Ed Shouse will be replaced by popular radio personality Ed Brantley.

School Board Member Thomas Deakins will be replaced by Former School Social Worker Terry Hill. School Board Member Kim Sepesi will be replaced by popular Former Brickey McCloud Elementary School teacher Patti Lou Bonds. School Board Member Pam Trainor will be replaced by former librarian Amber Rountree.

Former School Board Member Indya Kincannon resigned on August 18. She and her family are moving to Slovenia for a year while her husband teaches there. Knox County Commission appointed John Fugate this week to serve until the November special election results are certified.

If I left someone off, I will fix it later, a new chapter starts Tuesday.

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