Interesting Stuff on the Changing of the Guard at Circuit Court Division II

Over on the local liberal playground is this little nugget about a lawsuit being filed against Circuit Court Judge Elect Bill Ailor. According to the poster (person that put this story on the local liberal playground) Ailor is being sued individually, not in his capacity as Judge Elect.

Rumors from the court house are that Ailor has selected Mary Evars Goan as his Assistant/Secretary. Evars Goan has in the past been an Attorney. I haven’t had any interactions with her in almost 16 years, so I don’t know if she still is a licensed Attorney or not.

The secretaries/assistants are employees of the State of Tennessee and are selected by the Judges. It seems that the State of Tennessee would have to be the one to relocate or terminate the ladies employment not the Judge Elect himself. Of course, Tennessee employment laws do not protect employees so who the heck knows.

In other some what related news Chancellor Elect Clarence Eddie Pridemore has apparently decided to retain the secretary/assistant of former Chancellor Daryl Fansler. Smart move Chancellor Elect Pridemore. BTW, the picture on this blog post is an election ink pen I have from Chancellor Pridemore and people say he didn’t campaign.

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