County Mayor Wants to Spend $669,000 What Will He “Try” to Sell Now?

Knox County Mayor Timothy Floyd Burchett will say tomorrow on WBIR’s Inside Tennessee that Superintendent Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr needs to be replaced. I believe the current contract for Dr. McIntyre goes through December 2017. I believe his contract has a salary of about $223,000 a year. So, the County Mayor would rather pull a UT stunt and simply write a $669,000 check and have Dr. McIntyre working some where else.

The County Mayor likes to sell county assets to pay for non recurring expenses. He sold the green waste facility in Solway. He sold the indigent care facility for far less than it’s value. He wanted to sell the par 3 golf course in Concord and Three Ridges Golf Course. The golf courses didn’t get sold. It seems the Mayor did not adequately research the lease on Golf Course in Concord, it seems there were stipulations that prohibited him from selling it and he caved to public pressure on selling the Three Ridges Golf Course.

This is the same guy that instead of developing a business park to provide jobs, he would rather sit on the Industrial Development Board’s property on Midway Road and I-40. Doing absolutely NOTHING with it. The same guy that orchestrated the media angst over a secretary on paid leave for two years that the Law Department let slip through the cracks.

Tomorrow the County Mayor goes on the record that he wants to spend $669,000 plus probably more due to any more benefits stipulated in Dr. McIntyre’s contract. This guy says he is a Conservative, yet his actions and deeds speak differently.

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  1. HerpiesVictim says:

    When Inside TN aired this morning, the way he talked of kids and fact he isn’t a real father, just a recent play dad with his newly staged family, his angry defense is similar to what I have seen in trials of sexual preds.