Changes for the Good and Just Plain ole Status Quo! Criminal Court Clerk -v- Trustee

Reusing this from Knox County Criminal Court Clerks Mike Hammond’s Facebook page. Hammond took over the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office on September 2. In just over 16 days, change for the good has occurred.

Here is the status that he posted,

For many years I have bragged on my radio station staff. Now I get to brag on my staff at the criminal court clerk’s office. Many of you are aware of the problems we inherited. In just a little over two weeks our team under the direction of Richard Major has filed over 56,000 documents. These were documents lying in the floor, on top of cabinets, etc. These are legal documents and each represents a person who has been in our legal system. We have many more to go but they are getting it done. I just wanted to give a shout out for a mammoth job well done. The criminal court clerks office is rocking!

Check out the pics he posted,

The way it was the day Hammond took over.

The way it was the day Hammond took over.

The way it looks 16 days later after Hammond took over

The way it looks 16 days later after Hammond took over

Great work by Hammond!

What about up just a few floor, as for the Trustees office what has changed besides Leuthold moving to the Knox County Property Assessors Office and Ed Shouse becoming Trustee? Apparently, NOTHING! It is just status quo with the same ole regime in place with only a new babysitter. So, while the media and the citizens were ready for real change, all we got was a babysitter. Here’s hoping that Shouse is just 16 to 20 days less aggressive than Hammond. Both of these offices needed fundamental shifts in daily operations. Hammond has delivered, Shouse is well taking it all in apparently.

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    This is exactly what we anticipated with the new clerk of the criminal court. Progress, change and organization, another 16 days and this office will run like a railroad pocket watch. For those that can’t remember how the railroad ran, it never missed a beat and was always on time.

    A wise choice and a productive office.

    Now to the trustee…
    The man at the top takes the fall when workers joy ride on county time. I am not sure that Ed would appreciate the extra duties added to the job description of Mr. Williams at the newly renovated Cedar Bluff office of the Trustee.

    It seems that bus drivers are receiving personal interviews courtesy of the new office of Mr. Williams?

    If the IT department would change out the computer and scan the drive of Mr. Williams Computer, I do believe that you could understand the accounting and schedule of the side job being performed on my dime. And quite frankly I am a bit angry.

    I know Ed believes in giving someone enough rope to let them hang themselves but this rope seems to have been soaked in coal oil, and the duties of Mr. Williams seems to be slipping off what he is being paid for.

    Trust is the biggest issue that I feel needs to be restored to this office and with thousands of dollars being collected and an extensive renovation of the Cedar Bluff office why is there not video protection? The property assessors office collects $30 a month for copy money and spend thousands on video security, this makes no sense.

    A current employee with a record of bankruptcy both personal and a business bankruptcy needs to be observed a little closer. This office has had more than it’s fair share of issues, Ed your one smart man don’t let these clowns make you look like a fool.

    What happened to the days of a good old fashioned time clock, they might seem a bit ancient but damn fudging time is wasting money well in advance of collecting it. Wiping before you poop makes no sense.

    Accountability and professionalism needs to be restored to this office, fudging time and goofing off at the tax payers expense is not appreciated. Whether you want to admit it or not, you can’t just be a slight bit pregnant.

    Knox I would suggest you come down to the sentencing hearing of A former employee and witness what happens to those whom play on county time. It might open your eyes!