Buuck Sends Email to “McElroy List” of Enemies

The individual email addresses that were included on the first and resubmitted “McElroy List” of enemies were sent an email from Knox County Law Department’s Chief Deputy David Buuck.

In the email, he stated what the process that Knox County would go through in removing information not to be included in the Open Records Request.

Early in the email Buuck identified the requesting parties as Jack McElroy and Tom Chester. At the end of Buuck’s email, Buuck said if we have any questions please contact the requesting parties.

I tried that before I blogged the first blog post. The day after the Open Records Request was sent. Napoleon Jack said “Brian, you are one of several and I don’t want to discuss it with you.” Maybe I will try again, but then again, he may be busy answering the other 60 or so phone calls.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    McElroy is acting like he's involved in some investigate operation that requires secrecy.

    He's not.

    He seems to be on a fishing expedition where he's not getting any catches, and he has to keep re-baiting and re-casting the hook.

    THe way I see it, he's in danger of two things:

    Violating individual's right of privacy, AND

    casting them in a false light.

    He does not have the investigative powers of a police investigatons unit.

    And he needs to quit acting like it, before some suits start knocking at his door.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It makes you think about what Jack may be up to.

    Let's put it this way:

    McElroy's allies and associates and friends in the school system suffer a humiliating defeat during the school budget battle at the hands of Burchett and his like-minded fellow Knox Countians (last time I looked, about 85% of the electorate).

    The losers of the battle, and their fellow travelers, for whatever personal or political reasons look for ways to seek revenge. To put the anti-establishment in their places.

    So,maybe figures the KNS, “there has to be something, let's find it!

    And if there's not, we can still put a chill through the spines of this loose band of Burchett supporters who unify when needed in the interests of the taxpayers”

    The biggest mistake they might be making is that they think they can get away with anything since it's a one paper town and it's protected by the 1st amendment.

    Sorry the 1st amendment does not protect the press when it is possibly publicizing people in a false light or attempting to intimidate people involved in civic endeavors.