She will Just Be Another Obama, Pelosi Loyalist

This story from Nooga.Com is about the Democrat that is challenging Rep. Scott Desjarlais.

Let’s review, former Congressman Lincoln Davis knew about some of Rep. Scott’s background, but didn’t use it because I presume he thought he had Rep. Scott beat. Then the dude from around Murfreesboro ran on the issue of Rep Scott’s background, that didn’t work. Then State Senator Jim Tracy worked to get the district to his liking, raised a boat load of money, was the appointed heir to the Congressional seat until the voters said, not so fast Jim. Tracy and all the media repeated the past of Rep. Scott and the voters said we know, we know, we know and Rep. Scott won.

Now, comes along the fourth to repeat all his past and she thinks it will work for her, that didn’t work for the three white dudes? Remember, she is a Democrat, just another vote for Obama, Pelosi and the anti Republicans in the U.S. House.

I am still a believer in Rep. Scott. His baggage was not last week, last month or last year. It was long before he decided to offer the citizens of TN’s Fourth Congressional District a choice. The citizens have spoken loud and clear, leave them alone. After all, everyone has a past, everyone has made decisions that hind sight would say, damn that wasn’t quite right. Our God is the God of Second Chances.

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