Don’t Speak for ME, Because YOU are Wrong

This Volunteer TV news story has the Knox County Mayor impugning the work ethic of his (my) generation.


My generation (which is the same generation of the Mayor) works multiple gigs on all day, everyday. Not everybody grew up in West Hills subdivision and stayed in their parents house while the parents moved over into WestMoreland and then inherited that house. It is interesting to know that as County Mayor his admission is that he doesn’t work everyday. Nice to know what a waste of tax payer dollars we are spending.

As for the cash mob location. That business can take a self righteous attitude that they don’t sell lottery tickets, beer or hot dogs. In the business world if you don’t provide what citizens need and desire, you find yourself at the risk of being out of business. odd’ that earlier this week the Mayor was pumping gas at a local owned Pilot Travel Center as a photo op and then goes out on Saturday to act as if Pilot / Flying J is the evil empire.

What’s it say that when business gets slow, you do not adjust to consumer needs and demands and then the government comes to provide a cash mob, that is a mechanism of the socialist government.

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1 Response

  1. bill wilson says:

    funny how the mayor plays the poor boy role, but still takes his salary, talks about the hard working county workers,and they are, but most employees or even departments have never seen him in person according to my friends, he must be busy campaigning, which he really is, 4 years and he is out, play on the veterans while most county buildings still have no powmia flag flying, tightend the budget and departments just go over budget, a nice guy and many had hopes when he took office,some might say show boat?,,,naw more like river boat.