Has Victor Violated a Journalist Code or Just Being Himself?

The Knoxville News Sentinel has a story about the funding of the three candidates pursuing the position of Second District School Board Member. It seems that Victor Ashe (the male figure in the two gals and a male team at E.W. Scripps owned Shopper News) apparently has given money to one of the candidates and apparently (as reported by News Sentinel) authored a story that indicated the Superintendent is on borrowed time. Did he disclose his financial impact for one candidate when he is alleged to have authored the column? Is it possible that Ashe is having his columns ghost written? Will E.W. Scripps investigate and intervene like it was rumored they did four years ago when they pulled Georgiana Vines from Stacey Campfield’s race.

For many people in Knoxville and Knox County, if the two gals and a male are ‘fer’ someone, they go “agin” em. With Ashe “fer” one side, do others go “agin” her?

Apparently, Ashe doesn’t like the Haslam’s, I wonder what he thinks they have ever done to him? Is it because he doesn’t get invited to pump gas in October? Is it because Bill Haslam replaced Ashe and moved to higher office? Is it because the Haslam’s live on the wrong side of Sequoyah Hills? Is there a right side to Sequoyah Hills?

I believe ole Ashe ought to give peace and love a chance, stop hating on the Haslam’s and on Mayor Rogero. No one will ever forget you were Mayor once Victor. How could we ever forget that you were found to have violated some fire fighters civil rights? That won’t happen.

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