Town of Farragut Needs To Install The Red Light NOW

From this weeks Farragut Press (here) we learn that Farragut Mayor McGill and a few Aldermen are dragging their feet on installing a red light at the Campbell Station Road/Farragut High School entrance. The entrance has been closed for over a year for the widening of Campbell Station Rd. While back before the widening of Campbell Station Rd, it was a two lane road with a center turn lane, the school didn’t need a red light then. Now that the widening is complete and Campbell Station Rd is now four lanes with a center turn lane, it is imperative that a red light is installed.

The distance between this proposed red light and the red light at Kingston Pike and Campbell Station and the red light at Campbell Station and the park/Knox County library are greater than the traffic light at Farragut High School entrance on Kingston Pike and the Campbell Station Rd/Kingston Pike and Concord Rd/Kingston Pike red lights.

The delay by the Town of Farragut is a gamble that jeopardizes the lives of teenage drivers. Farragut Principal Mike Reynolds is correct. Install the red light now!

The town is probably waiting so they can install the red light camera at the same time so as to increase the towns revenue. It seems that the Mayor and some aldermen are taking the attitude, student safety be damned.

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