Fugate Tells the Teachers, You Want Respect, Show Respect!

At the conclusion of tonight’s Knox County School Board Meeting there were several individuals that spoke during public forum. Most of the speakers talking about Special Education concerns and then there was Lauren Hopson, teacher Steve Rodgers and KCEA President Tanya Coates.

After the public forum, Former Board Chair and recently re-elected School Board Member Lynn Fugate began to speak. She expressed a desire to have a workshop discussing some of the special education issues that had been discussed. Several individuals began to applaud. Fugate asked them not to do that, someone shouted out something and Fugate said that for over a year people had been coming up there saying this was a board that didn’t do anything. Fugate said as Chair she took that criticism, but she would not anymore. She said that if they want respect they should show the same respect that they expect from their students. These are not quotes as I don’t have them exactly as she said it. The video will be available on the school systems video archives sometime tomorrow afternoon. I would encourage you to go view it.

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