Demo Fun Over the Weekend

Over the weekend an acquaintance that is also a facebook friend had posted a picture of a couple of people standing with a Democrat sign, I commented “not good” she commented that sometimes it is necessary to support someone that isn’t a Republican and then this person that I did not know began commenting, he and I went back and forth, a couple of his friends commented and I stood my ground.

Interesting to note is that the individual deleted his comments, shortly after it appeared on the local liberal blog. I received a phone call from a close associate that told me the individual is the Democrat Chairman of the county where they reside, I have also been told that the individual is the campaign manager for the Democrat candidate in question. I have been told that as soon as the Democrat candidate found out this facebook exchange was going on that the Democrat candidate informed him to delete his comments and not to engage in a discussion with me.

The Democrat Chairman was so enraged that he went onto the local liberal blog and posted the info. He contacted the administrator of the local liberal blog to get inflammatory comments. It was all fun, but the most fun is seeing that he is a tool and that when he is told to delete his comments, he does it.

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