Southern Baptist and Proud

The Southern Baptist Head, Pastor Dr. Ronnie Floyd nailed it today (as reported in this News Sentinel / AP Story, if you got the coin and/or credit card to jump the paywall) in regards to gay marriage and the impending Supreme Court decision. In my humble opinion, it is fine for gays to live together and the private sector has been granting partner benefits (which is a private sector right) However, for the United State Supreme Court to go against God is just flat out wrong.

“America: We stand believing that marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman in a covenant commitment for a lifetime,” Floyd said to a standing ovation from the 5,000 people in attendance. “We do not need to redefine what God himself has defined already.”

“Floyd also asked Southern Baptists to lead opposition to abortion, saying, “Even though reports state that abortion rates are down some, we do not need to become content in or callous to this deplorable issue,” he said.”

Dr. Floyd is the Senior Pastor of CrossChurch, Springdale, AR. His Personal Website is here, he is on Twitter here, he is on Instagram, here.

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