SCOTUS Ruling Defies “Of the People, By the People, For the People”

When our founding fathers formed the Republic form of Government. They formed it with checks and balances. The United States House of Representatives and Senate is the legislative branch elected by the people. The POTUS is the executive branch elected by the people, the POTUS role is to carry out the directives of the legislative branch. The courts are the judicial branch that are to umpire the government. No one is greater than the other. However, today’s action of the court is high jumping the legislative.

In Tennessee the legislature rightfully let the voting public decide marriage, that was of the people, by the people and decides for the people. In Tennessee we overwhelmingly decided marriage is to be one man and one woman just last year. However, the judicial activist have high jumped over the people. Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Ryan Haynes said it best this morning with the statement he made.

Tennesseans overwhelmingly voted to define marriage as between one man and one woman. If a change was to be made, it should have been allowed to play out through the democratic process but, unfortunately, today’s judicial activism short-circuits that ability. While this has long been pushed by the Democrats’ agenda, the issue is far from settled.”

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