July 4th Message from 2016 Republican POTUS Candidate Marco Rubio


When our nation declared its independence 239 years ago, there were few who believed the American experiment would succeed. Through the genius of our people and the power of our founding principles, our nation has not only endured, it has risen to define two centuries of world history.

For those of us born in America, it can be easy to forget how special this nation is. I was raised by two parents who could never forget, because they knew what life was like outside of America. They had grown up in a country where the circumstances of your birth determined what you could achieve. My parents raised me to believe that in America, anyone can achieve anything.

The election before us is a defining moment in our nation’s history. It is the moment our generation must decide not just what laws we will pass, but also what kind of country we will be. This election is about honoring our history while embracing our future. It is about applying the principles of our founding to the challenges of our time, so we can extend the American Dream to more people than ever before. This can only be done by turning the page on yesterday and embracing a new generation of leaders.

On this 4th of July, I wish you a happy, safe, and meaningful time with family and friends. As we reflect on the freedoms that make America unique, we must also reflect on the sacrifices that were the price of those freedoms. Let us keep all the men and women fighting for our country today, and their families, in our prayers. They are a reminder that our country is strong, our people are safe and free, and our future is bright.



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