Are there Negative Consequences to the Halls Community with a Regal Entertainment Group Move?

With the news that Regal Entertainment Group is considering leaving the Halls Community and heading to the South Waterfront. What are the possible negative consequences to Knox County and in particular the Halls community? Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and the Halls County Commissioner Charles Busler have been quoted in the Knoxville News Sentinel as being supportive. Burchett’s administration apparently is so enthused with moving Regal downtown that Knox County is ready to write a corporate welfare check of at least $1,500,000, of course it is the tax payers money not the Mayor or Commissioners money.

Burchett is the same guy as a State Representative ranted and railed against Bud Adams getting state money to move the Houston Oilers to TN to build the Tennessee Titans franchise. But in typical Burchett fashion, he dodges, bobs and weaves whatever position he needs at the time. But, I digress.

Let’s first think about Hallsdale Powell Utility District, the water and sewer utility in Halls. With a business of 435 people using the utilities water and the neccesary flushing of urinals and toilets. That loss will be significant to the Hallsdale Powell users and rate payers. I have been told that Hallsdale Powell already have the highest water rates in the State of Tennessee. It seems logical that there will have to be layoffs or rate increases to absorb the Regal loss.

Second, is the internet and telephone providers in Halls. what are the losses of a major business employer like Regal on the TDS Telecom provider in Halls. What will be the increased cost to the users/ratepayers? What job losses by the provider will be necessitated?

Third, all the restaurants, convenience stores and Halls area businesses that rely on the 435 employees that will no longer be in the Halls community for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The 435 employees that will not be driving by the Halls area businesses and will not be frequenting those businesses.

Fourth, with 435 employees in the complex the Sheriffs Department can reduce patrol efforts in Halls and send officers to patrol communities with larger population. Because the south waterfront is in KPD’s jurisdiction, it does re-leave the burden on KCSO and allows those law enforcement resources (officers) to be utilized in other county areas.

Do you have the confidence that the selfie picture taking County Mayor has considered these and other consequences before signing over $1,500,000 of our tax dollars? The road leading to the office buildings in Halls is Regal Lane. What will the Mayor change the name of the road? Maybe Halls Had It Lane?

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2 Responses

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Well folks this is a tough one for the Old Man to call. We lost so many opportunities to other counties I am just glad were able to keep these movie people here. My first born was hatched right there at that same corner and now the structure is to take on a total different meaning. The days of outside movie theaters are gone by the way side and the Northgate and Twin Air are now K-Mart and Wal-Mart shopping centers, the Baptist is now in rubbles and then some one has a bright idea to move its headquarters smack dab in the business district, thats one smart cookie. Sure those people out in Halls Cross Roads loose the business, but look at the big picture people, the CASH stays right here. So we spend a million or two, hell fire people look these folks bring miney to the table. Sure those folks at the Halls Water and Sewer company loose a paying customer, KUB will welcome them and charge them double for the same service, throw a nickel in the box before you flush and down she goes.
    My grand-daughter took me to the movie house downtown at Christmas and folks I will tell you it was fancy and comfortable and had the first automatic flusher in the bathroom that the first one this old fart ever seen. These folks spend money like its going out of style, but at least they stay right smack dab in the town!
    Who gives a rats ass what the 6th floor says… staying means paying! My money is on someone thats smart enough to know a good deal and keeps the 400 or so here, those same people would not have to relocate and uproot their families. Charlie Bussler keep your chin up, that area out there had nothing when I was a boy. Avondale Dairy, The Lucky Clover Saloon, Halls Telephone Company and the Peer and Jerold’s 76 filling station. The last time we went to the funeral home out there it was certainly a booming water hole. Those folks out here got a new hospital where I got my new hip thats nicer than any car that Earl Scheibe ever painted. Old Larry ran anyone off that would not grease his palms, he is gone so the field is wide open for business. Spread out those tax dollars to South Knoxville, those people have nothing. Its a shitting shame they lost the 5 &10 thats been there since I was racing up and down the old Knoxville highway in a 49 Ford. This is okay by me, pack up and move downtown. Charlie start looking for new business to fill up the space, heck with that new four lane coming thru surely you will have no problems. Get creative and get happy, change is good, Regal has the Elmer seal of approval.

  2. Alan Summers says:

    It will impact our local businesses with the office staff being relocated to across the river. Regal does own all the property in Halls, except for one small piece at the entrance. They have a lot of warehouse space and I.T. staff that hopefully will stay in Halls. I see the move to across the river as being the executive staff, and hopefully not all of the 4oo plus people. But, you never know. There may become even more empty commercial real estate available in Halls.