Mr. Mayor, Is that Your Final Answer?

So, we established here that Pilot Corporation Tennessee applied for the permits for the video gaming devices with the Louisiana Gaming Board for the two Pilot casinos in Louisiana. We here along with Moderately Marvelous here established that the Pilot website states that the locations in Nevada are Pilot Casinos.

Mr. Mayor came forward and said that they lease the space to entities that have video poker machines. Well, our sources have produced a photograph of a one dollar gaming token for the Pilot Casino & Truck Stop at Exit 46 in Fernley, Nevada. On the front it states One Dollar Gaming Token with the Pilot Casino logo.

So, Mr. Mayor is your first answer your final answer? What is your answer, now?

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Mule says:

    So? Gambling is legal in Nevada and (somehow or the other) in LA (I'm not up on how they do it). Since it is legal my question is: How is this an issue of any consequence?


  2. Steve,

    The Mayor has not been honest about Pilot's gambling connections. First, the put the spokesman out saying the Congressman has his facts wrong, then after Pilot Corporation Tennessee shows up on the Lousiana Gaming Board's minutes. Then William comes out aand says we lease space but have no connection. Then we (Marvelously Moderate and Brian's Blog) produce the website with Pilot casino's logo and now (Brian's blog) produces the token. It is now revealed that William is listed as the owner of a couple of gaming machines in Lousiana. While it may be legal in Nevada and Lousiana, Pilot doesn't have to participate. Just like it is legal to be open for business on Sunday, but Chick fil a doesn't do it. The people of TN do not support the influence of gaming organizations. So, I don't want TN's next governor beholding to the gaming entities. All I want is a Governor that is honest, open and transparent. Remember, William still has yet to release his income information. Wamp has. So, it is all about honesty, openness and transparency.