Glad to Have Vote Lori on BrianHornback.Com, You Will Meet Her and Her Opponents During the Campaign

The campaign of Lori Boudreaux picked up a petition to run for Knox County School Board Fifth District on September 11,2015, the first day that petitions were available. Lori is an educated and licensed psychotherapist, she has worked with several different agencies, organizations during her professional career. She has always worked in assisting young people, their families and friends. During a period of time, she was a employed with Knox County Schools as a guidance counselor at several different school facilities, Lori left Knox County Schools about 7 years ago (so she isn’t running with a bias for or against any person or group) and has been working in private practice since that time.

Boudreaux has the educational background and the real life experience of working with students and their families making her uniquely qualified as the best candidate to represent the students, parents, teachers and staff on the Knox County School Board, Fifth District.

On January 5, 2016 a Meet and Greet will be held, the invitation is below. As the campaign begins, you will learn more about Lori and her two challengers as well.


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